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Polly O’Brien

My grandmother on my mother’s side was Polly Anne (Tracy) O’Brien. She had been adopted back in 1922 and passed away at 62 in Leesburg, Florida on May 11th, 1984. She’s buried at Pleasant Garden United Methodist Church Cemetery in Guilford County, North Carolina.

She went her entire life without knowing who her birth parents were. Because so much time has passed, my mother was able to receive Polly’s birth certificate from the state of Illinois, and it listed her birth parents.

My grandmother’s birth mother had been Rhoda Betty Bingaman. She was born March 15th, 1905 in Williamson, Iowa, and at 18-years-old she gave birth to my grandmother in Moline, Illinois. She passed away in 1991 (at least six years after my grandmother) and is buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Cedar, Iowa.

My great-grandmother by birth had married Mylon Bernard Morris, and together they had two sons and two daughters. Mylon passed away in 1968.

Mylon Morris’s obituary as published in The Des Moines Register on August 2nd, 1968:

My great-grandfather by birth was Harry W. Bladon. He was a 24-year-old student living in Clearfield, Iowa at the time of my grandmother’s birth.

According to the 19th page of the December 28th, 1918 edition of the US Bulletin, he had been seriously wounded while serving as a private during World War I.