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Trump Giving A Big “Thumps Up” With A Baby Orphaned By The El Paso Shooting

The baby’s fingers had been broken during the shooting from his mother shielding him from the gun fire. The baby had been discharged but brought back to the hospital for the photo op by the baby’s uncle (pictured on the left).

More Info – Business Insider: “Trump gave a thumbs-up in a photo with a baby orphaned by El Paso mass shooting”

Photo Source – First Lady Melania Trump’s Twitter account

Sigourney Weaver With A Flamethrower

The Alien movies have a lot of bad ass scenes where Sigourney Weaver carries around a flamethrower like a boss.

Here she is testing it out for one of the first times.

The Alien wiki site Xenopedia has a write-up on flame throwers throughout the series:

The use of the Flame Thrower in Alien began something of a tradition in the Alien franchise of flamethrower weaponry featuring in the films — Aliens would prominently feature the M240 Incinerator Unit, Alien Resurrection would feature the Draco Double Burner and Prometheus would also feature a flamethrower. Despite not featuring flamethrowers, the prisoners in Alien3 also used fire as a weapon against the Dragon.

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