President  Lyndon Johnson meets in the White House Cabinet Room with top military and defense advisers on Oct. 31, 1968 in Washington.  Shown at table from top, left to right: CIA Director Richard Helms, Central Intelligence Agency;  Presidential Assistant Walt Rostow; Undersecretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach; ; Johnson; Defense Secretary Clark Clifford and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Nitze.   Along wall, behind Johnson  at right are Gen. William Westmoreland, Army chief of staff, and Adm. Thomas Moorer, chief of naval operations. Military officials behind Clifford at wall are unidentified.  Dean Rusk is between Katzenbach and Johnson but not seen in this photo. (AP Photo)

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

— Lyndon B. Johnson