Humanities (1999)

During my senior year of high school, I participated in a Humanities class led by two fantastic teachers — Kelley Baker (left) and Craig Humphrey (right).

Note: Not their real hair!

This combined government/economics class was the highlight of my public education as it was challenging and (as this photo gallery illustrates) a hell of a lot of fun. We had fun birthday rituals, movie nights, camping trips to Cumberland Island & FDR State Park, dances, a rafting excursion down the Nantahala River, and more.

The bonds we formed continue to this day as we just held our 19th annual Christmas potluck last night.

Creepy Hike

Yesterday, I went for a short hike with my five-year-old son Reid in an area we weren’t supposed to be.

Nobody was around.

We ventured deeper into the cold and damp woods.

We stumbled across an abandoned campsite.

We found our way back out of the woods. I was just happy we didn’t run into zombie rednecks.

Meanwhile, Reid picked up his first hiking stick. He had a great time!