Louis Armstrong at the Sphinx

During the Cold War, the United States made the case for the American way of life by sending its best ambassadors abroad — jazz musicians. “Music that was unique to America and represented a fusion of African and African-American cultures with other traditions was a democratic art form that helped others to understand the open-minded and creative sensibility of our country,” writes the Jam Session web site.

As part of this cultural diplomacy, Louis Armstrong went to Egypt in 1961 where he played trumpet for his wife, Lucille, at the foot of the Great Sphinx and the pyramids in Giza.

The Berlin Wall

For 28 years, two months and 27 days, the Berlin Wall divided a city. That’s 10,315 days. Today marks 10,315 days since its collapse.

A big section of the Berlin Wall is lifted by a crane as East Germany starts to dismantle the wall near the Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin, February 20, 1990. (Reuters)

Stretching along remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Topography of Terror open air museum includes access to the interrogation chambers in the remains of the Nazis’ SS headquarters. (Christopher Bobyn)