The Chris Gethard Show

The Chris Gethard Show was an insane call-in show that began its television run on the public access channel Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) back in 2011. It was picked up by Fusion for two seasons and then ran on TruTV in 2017, where it became the network’s lowest-rated show until its cancellation¬†earlier this month.

The show was always fun and never took itself seriously. Here are some of its best episodes:

“One Man’s Trash”

The show at its finest.

Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas put Chris in his place for an hour in a way that will never be matched. Every minute of the episode it funny. Chris’ poker face was fantastic in not revealing anything. The reveal of what is in the dumpster does not disappoint.

“Random Andrew and The Hero’s Journey”

A very full episode with Gethard punishment, Random Andrew heroics and Vuvuzelas. 

“Straight Up Phone Sex”

Everybody jumped into this thing head first, and I love it. Hannibal Burress is as funny as it gets and his level of commitment was in keeping with his voice.

“The Blindfold Show”

A very reaction-based episode. It is fantastic.

“Sandwich Night”

Crazy. Just crazy.

“Checking In With Alyssa”

The episode with the most heart.

“The Crowd-Source Character Contest” Episodes

I loved the insane characters brought to life. My personal favorite — Ira Ass in episode 3. He nails it.