I visited a friend’s house recently. Standing in his living room, he asked “Have you seen the bobcat?” I hadn’t. He then pointed up to the corner of the room.

I asked where he’d gotten it. He had been driving down the highway and saw the bobcat’s body on the side of the road. He then loaded it into the back of his Camry, took it to a taxidermist, and five months later it was perched in the corner of his living room.

Llama Bum Rush

One of the greatest videos posted to YouTube!

Published on March 20, 2015, Stephen Peterson describes his post this way:

I was leaving work on a Friday night when I thought I saw a dog. Turns out it was a goat in the middle of a business type district in Liverpool, NY. Then I got bum rushed by a llama and it scared the hell out of me as you can tell by the screams.



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