“The Stuttering Lover” By Fred Emerson Brooks

I LU-LOVE you very well,

Much mu-more than I can tell,

With a lu-lu-lu-lu-love I cannot utter;

I kn-know just what to say

But my tongue gets in the way,

And af-fe-fe-fe-fe-fection ‘s bound to stutter!

When a wooer wu-wu-woos ,

And a cooer cu-cu-coos,

Till his face is re-re-red as a tomato,

Take his heart in bi-bi-bits,

Every portion fi-fi-fits,

Though his love song su-su-seem somewhat staccato!

I ‘ll wu-worship you, of course,

And nu-never get divorce,

Though you stu-stu-stu-stu-storm in angry weather;

For whu-when you ‘re in a pique,

So mu-mad you cannot speak,

We ‘ll be du-du-du-du-dumb then both together.